EXPRESS FUEL-MIX EVALUATION is one of our strengths. This is based on our human-scaled, easy-to-handle, rapid start-up and cool-down experimental facility supported by our expert team expandable by many department members and talented students. The measured results must be scaled-up to the full-scale boiler by means of the appropriate theoretical method: the same way as for the measured data from somewhat bigger, pilot scale experiments.

The 5 m high (netto) mid-scale FBC test rig fills the gap between the widely available bench-scale and pilot-scale facilities within the scaling up procedure. It is a circulating fluidized bed equipment (CFBC) upon which a wide range of operating points can be set – also including bubbling mode.

If model calculations fit well to industry-scale experiments, the established statement can be taken that the model developers understand well the modeled phenomena. This is the case with our overall dynamic model system.

Regular personal meetings with the top researchers of the subject ensure that we are always up-to-date and abreast of the acrual developments. We are the representative from Hungary in the worldwide organization of the topic: IEA-FBC (International Energy Agency – Fluidized Bed Conversion working group).