Reference Project Digestate

Client: National Research Development and Innovation Office

Budget: EUR 62,000

Duration: per contract: 6 months

effective: 6 months


Client Satisfaction Indicators:

Accepted with no change request

Succeeding Work Package entered

Numerous publications (encouraged by the client)


National research project on the usability of lean gases. The goal of the actual Work Package was to investigate the utilization of the solid residues in FBCs.

Main issues answered to the client:

What are the worldwide experiences on the combustion of digestate in FBCs?

How can be efficiently handled the extremely high water content of this sludge-like fuel, and how much specific energy content can achieved?

Are digestate and FBC a harmonious couple? Are there synergy effects between this fuel and technology?

Which corrosion effects must be considered, and where can below-resistance (cheap) steel materials be applied?

Which economic efficiency can be reached, and which energy technology issues must be considered?

Is co-combustion with low-grade, high sulfur local coals a promising solution?

Project manager @ BME:

Dr. Pal Szentannai