Reference Project SRF

Client: MVM Vértes Power Plant Ltd.

Budget: EUR 31,000

Duration: per contract: 2 months

effective: 2.2 months


Contractor Satisfaction Indicators:

Full payment

Accepted within 2 weeks after delivery

Numerous publications about the findings together with the client(non-sensitive parts only)

Next project contracted


Two 400 MW FBC boilers of the client to be changed from coal and biomass to SRF. Basic theoretical and experimental investigations were carried out.

Main issues answered to the client:

Can the received SRF samplesbe be fluidized with common bed materials?

How to handle, manipulate, and feed into the combustor chamber the SRF samples in question?

Which bed materials and particle sizes are appropriate for the fluidized bed combustion of the SRF samples in question?

What are the operator experiences on the applications of SRF in FBCs worldwide?

What changes should be carried out on the existing boilers of the client for accepting SRF?

Can be considered the SRF standard as an absolute true description? Really nothing appears in the delivery excluded by the SRF standard and certificate?

Are bed agglomeration and wall deposition problems expected?

Is co-combustion with low-grade, high sulfur local coals a promising solution?

Project manager @ BME:

Dr. Pal Szentannai