Reference Project Low-grade coals

Client: National Scientific Basic Research Programs

Budget: EUR 80,000

Duration: per contract: 4 years

effective: 4 years


Client Satisfaction Indicators:

Accepted with no change request

Numerous publications (encouraged by the client)


National research project on the applicability of high sulfur, low grade local coals and their mixtures in local FBCs. These FBCs are of the special design with reinforced internal recirculation and PC burner in the freeboard. This design is very advantageous and was specially developed for the reconstruction of existing PC boilers to FBCs.

Main issues answered to the client:

Gaining operational experiences and experimental data for numerous combinations of low grade coals and additives in CFBC.

Selecting still acceptable and optimal fuel mixes considering efficiency, depositions, ash loss, and flue-gas emissions.

Project manager @ BME:

Dr. Laszlo Boross